Where are you located?

Our private studio is located in Groveland, Florida. Groveland is in South Lake County next to Clermont. We are approximately 25 minutes from Winter Garden/Windermere area, about 1 hour from most North Orlando areas, and about 1½ hours from Tampa.

What should I bring?

When you finally book an appointment, you will receive a list of suggestions of what to bring. We also have a studio closet full of options!

Do you schedule groups or parties?

We don't. This is a full day experience and Mya prefers to work with a single client at a time. Some ladies need a little more time than others and she doesn't like to rush because someone else is waiting for her.

Are hair and makeup included?

Absolutely! Before your shoot begins, you will get to relax in our makeover suite, enjoy some champagne and just let us do the work!

Do you photograph couples?

Yes, we do! Contact us for details.

I don't know how to pose!

Perfect! We don't photograph models. Our clients have NO idea what they are doing and it's Mya's job to show them and guide them, step by step, from head to toes. From facial expressions to body language - it's a fully coached experience!

I don't want my photos out there.

They won't be unless you asks us to share away and sign a legal document giving us permission. Sharing is optional and we respect your wishes 100%. Most clients don't share and that's OK with us because our goal is to provide a safe and private experience to our clients.

I need to lose weight first.

No, you do NOT. Trust us! Mya's expertise is posing and lighting that makes every single client look amazing regardless of age, size, or weight. We got your back girl! Stop postponing the things you want do because of your perception of how you look. You are beautiful just the way you are!

How much does it cost?

Contact us via email (form below) to receive more details.

What should I expect?

As soon as you book your appointment, you will receive an email with information on how to prepare, what to bring, etc. You are welcome to reach out any time with questions or concerns. The day of your shoot, you will sitting on the styling chair, having a glass of champagne, and allow our stylists to take care of your makeover. After the makeover, we'll go over wardrobe, go through our studio closet, and then the fun begins!

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